CAA Micro Roni Glock 26/27


This 4th Generation Micro Roni fits Glock Sub Compact models 26 (9mm) & 27 (.40 cal) Packed with a handful of new features favoured by various Spec-Ops, SWAT, and police communities worldwide.

The captive charging handle – remains within the kit, and now with a larger and flared ejection port. Come with open hatch with access to the pistol’s slide-stop and Nnw triangular-shaped barrel shroud  that’s compatible with our “Plus” muzzle accessories, and allows shifting between full and medium-sized Glock pistols ( i.e. Glock 17 to 19). Compatible with Gen. 5, 4 & 3 Glock pistols.

  • No pistol disassembly required – Simple drop and lock within seconds.
  • A long Picattiny rail – Allows combining two devices (i.e. Red-dot, magnifier or NVD).
  • Two extra right and left Picattiny rails for mounting additional accessories.
  • Ambidextrous, easy and fast cocking handle.
  • Optional: Full-Auto ambidextrous cocking handle.
  • Ambidextrous trigger-guard safety.
  • A right-folding stock for easy concealment and carry, yet the pistol can be operated (grip, cock and shoot).
  • Right and left serrated thumb-rests for better control on recoil and muzzle-rise. (OPTIONAL)
  • Front extra magazine carrier for fast reload. (Not on S&W and Glock 21 models)

Pictured with optional Front integral tactical light.


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