Gamo Weaver-Picatinny Riflescope Rail


Trust Gamo, a leading airgun brand, to deliver exceptional performance and functionality with the Gamo Riflescope Rail Weaver-Picatinny. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a dedicated enthusiast, this rail will enhance your shooting experience and accuracy.

The Gamo Riflescope Rail Weaver-Picatinny’s 3 hex screws attach base to your rifle, hide’s rifle’s 11mm scope rail and it looks professional!

  • Fits Gamo rifles with a raised scope rail
  • Attaches to rifle’s 11mm scope rail
  • Special “recoil shock shoulder” stops scope shift
  • Hide’s rifle’s 11mm scope rail; looks professional
  • Scope base provides secure scope mounting with Weaver/Picatinny mounts
  • 3 hex screws attach base to your rifle
  • Includes 2 hex wrenches




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