Iosso Bore Cleaner Paste


BIO-Based Formula. Highly effective concentrated paste formula that lasts longer and takes less time to clean with than ordinary liquid or aerosol type cleaners. Because it is a paste it cannot spill or run into wood stocks, grips or mechanisms causing chemical damage.

Iosso Bore Cleaner removes copper, lead, carbon burn, powder fouling, plastic wad residue, and surface rust. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable and has no offensive odors or mists. Use with the Eliminator Brushes and Eliminator Triple Action Oil Solution for complete cleaning.This bio-based formula is made from plant extracts. While keeping our environment healthy, it also reduces our dependence on foreign resources.

  • Not Harmful to Blueing or Wood Stocks
  • Paste Form-No Liquid to Run or Spill
  • No Offensive Odors, Vapors or Mists
  • No Petroleum Distillates or Ammonia
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Green Bio-Based Formula


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