KL Ballistol Stitchfrei Anti Mosquito Spray 100ml


100 ml insect repellent as pump spray from Ballistol act as gnat spray, mosquitoes spray, tick spray etc. The tropicalized insect spray is suited for men, dogs, horses, cats and all other pets. The insect repellent offers sun protection through a UV filter, skin care and protection against cooling e.g. while sport. The 100 ml pump spray is always refillable and ideal for the way.

With the tropicalized insect repellent Sichfrei (sting free) from Ballistol you are protected from gnats, ticks, mosquitoes etc. Ballistol sting free insect spray keeps all irksome insects away from your body. Stichfrei contains also an UV-filter for sun protection (sun protection factor: 6) and cares the skin. Furthermore, the insect repellent has a pleasant odor. Sting free is effectively as tick agent also for your dog, your cat, your horse and each other pet. Ballistol sting free protects you and your pets also from irksome and sometimes also dangerous bites of ticks.

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