Lee 2 pack Folding Primer Tray


olding Primer Tray (2-pack) for use with the Pro 1000, Load-Master, Six Pack Pro, Safety Prime**, Deluxe APP, Automatic Case Prime (ACP), Auto-Prime and Auto Bench Prime. Auto-Prime XR & Ergo-Prime users with tools purchased earlier than 2016, the 90794 XR/Ergo Prime Update Kit is required if you plan to use this Folding Primer Tray with your tool.

This Folding Tray replaces PT1004 on the Pro 1000 and Load-Master, and the Trays (PT1564, PT1538, PT2964) and Covers (PT1534, PT1470) from the Auto-Prime XR and Ergo-Prime tools.

Note: this Folding Tray will not replace the Trays on the Safety Prime with the round Trays. The Troughs are not compatible with the new Folding Trays and will not fit the new Folding Trays.





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