Lee Breech Lock Bullet Sizer Kit


Kit includes the mounting body incorporating the Lee quick change Breech lock feature. The body accepts the low cost bullet sizer and punch. The bullet sizers are produced out of stressproof steel and specially tapered to reduce sizing effort. The bullet sizer is retained in the mounting body with a threaded bottle adapter.

Bullets are sized nose first; this is the most accurate and causes the least distortion. Best of all, no special top punches are required. Will seat and crimp gas checks while sizing. Fits any single stage Breech Lock equipped reloading press. If you don’t have a single stage Breech lock press, but it has a removable die bushing, update it with the 1 1/4-12 or 1 1/2-12 Lee Breech lock update kit.

Great for powder coated or liquid lubricated bullets.




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