Lee Bullet Feed Kit

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The tube holds 25 bullets. The kit comes with 2 tubes (small and large). When you load small bullets, the small tube fits inside the large tube. When you load large bullets, the small tube is removed. The Multi-Tube Adapter accessory for the bullet feed kit will allow you to hold approximately 100 bullets.

Note: The bullets that work the best in the bullet feeder are jacketed or lead round nose flat base bullets.

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.40 through .44 (up to .65" long), .40 through .44 (up to .80" long), .45 (up to 67" long), 30 & 32 cal (up to .60" long), 9mm .355'' through .365'' (up to .46'' long), 9mm .355” through .365” (up to .60” long), 9mm .355” through .365” (up to .75” long)




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