Lee Full Length Rifle Dies


Lee Full Length Sizer Dies are built to last a lifetime and are great at producing factory-like ammunition. Lee Precision has been manufacturing high quality, affordable reloading equipment since 1958. The Lee Sizing die is no exception. These steel sizing dies require the use of a quality resizing lubricant. Shellholders sold separately.

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Gun Calibre

.22 Hornet, .222 REM, .223 REM, .243 WIN, .25-06 REM, .270 WIN, .30-30 WIN, .300 WM, .303, .308, .338 Lapua, .338 WM, .375 H&H, .458 Win Mag, 22-250 REM, 30-06, 6.5mm CREED, 6.5mm GRENDEL, 6.5×55 SWED, 6mm CREED, 7.62×39 R, 7mm REM MAG, 7×57 MAU, 8×57 MAU, 9.3×62




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