Lee Pro 1000 Press Kits

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The best kit for starters and pros alike. With one pull of a lever you can watch your press churning out ammunition at a rate unrivalled by other presses. Primers and powder are fed only if a case is present, preventing spillage and keeping your workspace safe. Single Case reloading also possible.

The Pro1000 includes:

  • Press
  • Pacesetter 2-die set (Full Length Sizer, Bullet Seater/Crimper)
  • 3-Hole Turret
  • #4 Shell Plate
  • Auto-Drum Powder Measure
  • Short Charging Die
  • Universal Case Feeder
  • Small Priming system.

Note:  This press only accepts the 3-Hole Turret. ensure you are using the correct calibre brass and carefully read all instructions.

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Additional information

Gun Calibre

.223 REM, .38 SPL, .380 AUTO, .40 S&W, .44 SPL, .45 ACP, 9mm P




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