Viper Percussion Cup

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CNC machined from solid copper, the Percussion Cup range was designed as a dangerous game cartridge for the big 5.

They offer extreme straight line penetration with a wide wound channel, typically 3-4 times calibre size, coupled with minimal meat damage. Percussion Cup bullets use a proven 2/3 x diameter meplat nose profile which gives the deepest penetration of any current bullet profile. The convex cup found in the meplat accentuates the wound channel, increasing size and offering a sharp cutting edge.

The design incorporates a number of barrel bands for reduced barrel pressure, allowing the velocities of the lead core bullet analogs to be duplicated and possibly even exceeded. Percussion Cups offer exceptional stopping power and accuracy even in the larger calibres.

  • Extreme trauma causing bullet
  • Heavy weight to length ratio
  • Deep straight line penetration
  • Easy to load
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.30 (.308"), .338, .375, .400 (.410"), .404 (.423"), .416, .458, .470 (.474"), .500 (.510"), .505, .577 (.584"), .600 (.620"), .700, 6.5mm (.264"), 7mm (.284"), 9.3mm (.366"), 9mm

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1000gr, 100gr, 150gr, 160gr, 170gr, 180gr, 200gr, 210gr, 250gr, 286gr, 300gr, 350gr, 400gr, 450gr, 500gr, 570gr, 575gr, 700gr, 830gr


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